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Brands Create Emotions. Tactics Create Interactions. Smart Thinking Binds Them Together.


A brand is more than a name. It's the emotional connection formed with customers that drives them to choose you over the others. And, there's a science to uncovering your brand identity that's steeped in research, market and industry analysis. We're passionate about uncovering your brand's personality. In fact, we believe it's the most vital piece of your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Gaining recognition requires consistently telling compelling stories in the right place, at the right time and in the right way. It's the culmination of PR, social media, and online interactions that create relationships, not just pitch products. It's about real, useful information that builds trust and brand fans. We tell your unique story.

Digital Engagement

Websites and what drives people to them tell a valuable story about how your customers identify with your brand. SEO, SEM, Analytics and websites work together in an ever evolving world of digital touch points. We align them and use them to increase awareness for you. 

Creative Solutions

Bringing life to your brand takes vision and strategic planning. Each representation of your brand must work together, no matter the medium. We have decades of experience across print, broadcast, video, and digital mediums. Plus, we're sticklers for the smallest details in production and execution -- all to ensure your brand is represented in the best possible light.




More than 25 years in advertising. Former radio and television station account executive. Logical. Analytical. Thinks on the right side of the brain. Oh, and once rode a live bull in a rodeo.

Head in the clouds.
Feet on the ground.


Director of Engagement

Former journalist with a knack for storytelling and insatiable appetite for facts. A problem-solver and strategic thinker. A champion for connecting brands with their fans. In her world, life is all about emotional connections built over great stories—and a tasty craft beer.

People Lover.
Information Junkie.


Director of Client Services

Nearly 20 years in advertising. Former radio promotions intern turned account executive. Spent the last 13 years in agency world and can't imagine going back. Expectations are the name of her game: if you don't know them, you can't meet them. And, you'll find her heart on her sleeve pretty much most of the time.



Communication Strategist

Background in media planning and buying. Spent the past 18 years helping establish strong brand presence for many clients across the southeast. Can manage and analyze small details while keeping the main objective in mind. Organization freak who believes everything should be in its proper place. Wolfpack alum and lifelong fan.

Head in the game.
Eye on the ball.


Creative Director

Award-winning Art Director for advertising agencies for 23 years. LOVES problem-solving and the thrill of discovering the solution. Connecting the proverbial dots is what she's all about. Her love of the outdoors, unusual adventures, and collecting antiques fuel her creativity to the hilt. Her secret passion? Utopia—her 131-year old mini-farm where she raises sheep, chickens, doves and cats.... and loves to CREATE!

Saves Everything.


Web Strategist

Over 20 years of web strategy, analysis, development, search engine optimization and web marketing experience. And if you need more cowbell, he's your guy.

Marches to his own beat.


Director of Media

Former math teacher turned Media Buyer/Planner. 17 years in the advertising biz. Love of all things numbers (cost per points, reach and frequency, index percentages, etc). In her world there is a formula for everything. Strategic planner – what does the research show? Listens and reads Dave Ramsey, applies that money philosophy to home and work budgets.

Numbers lover.


Graphic Designer

Alumni of William Peace University, Rebecca is the new kid on the block. Spent her years studying every element of design from graphic design, motion, animation, and film to hands on craft like drawing, painting, and modeling. All forms of creativity intrigue and inspire her to push her knowledge and designs further. Loves taking old design methods and spinning them to fit her own personal style.

Artsy and Imaginative.
Passionately Curious.


Photographer, Art Director

Ten years experience as a professional photographer and meticulous as the day is long. Crazy about lighting theory and crystal clear focus. Loves happy clients, BMX, snowboarding and surfing. And, gets more compliments on his hair than his wife does on hers.

Eye for detail.
Up for an adventure.


Accounting Manager

Cheri, aka, the "Gate Keeper", oversees the financial day to day operations. Loves the numbers, but not your typical nerdy shut-in accountant type. She maintains excellent communication skills (on and off the golf course) as well as a great sense of humor.

Funny girl.


VP of Legal Services

Lauren started her career in the courtroom. She has married her passion for the law with marketing, and oversees all legal marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys mission trips, her grandchildren, and life on the farm.

Legal Eagle.
Brand Champion.


Community Manager

Michelle is our social media marketing superwoman. She enjoys swinging around the web, learning new technology, and building online engagement for businesses. If you can't find Michelle online, you'll find her playing with kids and drinking her super drink, coffee.



PR & Social Media Coordinator

Graduate of North Carolina State University, Victoria studied brands as living, breathing entities and is passionate about helping them communicate their story. Logical thinker; Good listener. Avid reader. When she's not on the go she's probably trail running, watching classic films, or dreaming in vintage.

Gives Brands Life.
Master Story Teller.

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