What’s Your Rank? Making Sense of SEO

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These days, everything is on the internet, and every business is fighting to get their client’s attention.  You have likely heard the term “SEO” used in relation to online marketing and may have wondered if it is something you really need to do for your business in order to attract clients. 

In a word, yes it is. 

You may be thinking, “Sure, a marketing company is telling me I need their services," so we are going to take some time to break down what SEO is exactly, why you should care about it, and how using it properly will build you more client contacts. 

So, let’s jump into the fun world of SEO together. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means  the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s “natural” or “organic” (not paid for) search results. So which results are paid for and which are not? Take a look at the image below:

You’ll notice the first two results are labeled as “Ads”. This means the companies linked there PAID to be a result shown when “backyard grills” was searched in Google.  

The three links shown below the Ads are what would be called “Organic Search Results,"or “First Page Results Ranking in SEO”. That means those three websites are deemed by Google to be the most relative, trustworthy, informative and authoritative websites or web pages on the subject-in this case “backyard grills”.  And, the first page is where you want to be. 

When it comes to your company, where do you rank? Are you a first page result? 


Think about when you are searching the web for something. How deep in the Googleresults do you go? Do you scroll through 20 pages of results? Most likely, you don’t, and neither do your customers when they search for your services! 

Most people scroll through a few pages of results, with most people not even going past the third page. So, when it comes to ranking and attracting clients to your business, you want to be in the top organic results 

Let’s look at another example. Say the keyword phrase “party” gets searched 110,000 times a month in Google. Google research shows that 70% of all clicks are on the organic web results and the first organic result (the first link not marked as an “ad”) gets on average 20% of the traffic from the search page. 

That means 22,000 visitors are going to the first result website-in this case, Party Supplies doesn’t have to pay a dime for ads to get that business!  An ad for the term “party supplies” currently costs $1.43 per click, and at 22,000 visitors a month, that same traffic from a paid ad would cost $31,460 a month. 

That is an enormous savings. All from having your site properly optimized to rank organically for “party supplies”.  As you can see, SEO is not something to be ignored. While paid ads can help you, SEO can help you even more. 

How Do You SEO?

We like to think of SEO as a spider-web, with your website right the center. The bigger your web, the more clients you will be able to reach with your services.  To start off, we have “On Page SEO”. These are the elements of optimization you put directly into your website. These include: 


  • Title tags and meta descriptions that use your keywords. These are coded into the “backside” of your website.
  • Original, helpful content and constantly growing site pages that offer relevant, detailed information for site visitors. Many companies use blogs as a way to easily add web content for Google to constantly index to their site


Walmart has pages that use the phrase “backyard grills” and Party City has pages that use the phrase “party supplies”. Seems pretty easy right? You also have to have great, original content and numerous web pages talking about your services and products, such as blogposts and social media profiles linking to your blog posts and site pages on the topic. 

Remember, Google not only ranks how you have your keywords chosen, but also that you are a reliable, relative and authoritative site. Party City could replace their “party supplies” phrases with “backyard grills” and their Meta descriptions and Title tags would probably be perfectly “optimized” for “backyard grills”; however, Google would never place them as a search result for “backyard grills” because Party City would not have any pages and content on their site reliably promoting them as a resource authority on “backyard grills”.  Make sense? 

Additionally, there is “Off Site SEO”. This is where your online presence starts to really take the form of a spider web. In the center is your site, using the “On Site SEO” element. Your “Off Site SEO” element is a pretty basic on concept, but can make a huge difference in your Google rankings.

Basically, you get your company listed everywhere. Create profiles with Business listings in Google, Yahoo, YP.com (the Yellow Pages online), social media networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google +, Blogging, as well as any and all social media accounts pertaining to your business. If you can build a profile with your contact information, then go for it. 


Think Martin First

All of these SEO items are things you can do on your own, but they take time. Good SEO is a slow process -- not an overnight explosion. Google wants to see constant and consistent reliable information shared on your site and that takes time and dedication. That’s why we’re here. Give us a call or send over an email

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