Summer Team Building – Martin Style!

Published by Martin Communications

How have you spent your summer? We recently spent part of a week at the beach to plan for next year, do some team building and enjoy some much needed relaxation. 

Day 1 — Gathering

We work for a killer-company. We all love working with each other. And because we all enjoy hanging out with one another, our president Jenny Martin rented a big beach house on North Topsail Island, North Carolina, for us to escape for five days. During the first two days, our families were invited to enjoy tons of food, drinks, games and the ever-pleasant Atlantic coast breeze. The next three days were reserved for us to enjoy time together as co-workers and participate in some exciting team building activities.

Day 2 — Family-Time

Three white-tailed deer greeted our early risers on their way to the beach to watch the sunrise and hunt for shells. After a church service in our beautiful beach house and a filling breakfast—22 of us hit the beach for the day! We wind-surfed, went swimming, laid around, sun-bathed, hunted for more shells, flew kites, ate lunch, and then REPEATED all of the above!

Jenny fixed an amazing low-country boil for dinner and we "chased" it with ice cream sundaes with all the fixins'! And to top it all off (pun intended!), we celebrated seven JULY BIRTHDAYS today—including that of Martin Communications as a company.

Day 3 — Team Building, Survivor-Style!

We were treated to a day of fabulous dining, boating, and team building "exercises" for the eight of us! It felt like we had our own reality show as we were whisked away to an island after breakfast.... where we divided into three teams and played a charade guessing game; blind-folded corn-hole; renegade bocce ball; and last, but certainly not least: paddle boarding to an anchored boat, around it and then relay back to our teammates! Yes, there were declarations that we were NOT going to try to paddle board because it was scary and there were sharp oyster beds and balance-challenges—but the spirit of competition kicked-in and ALL eight of us ROCKED the paddleboards! After a decadent lunch and cocktails, we hit the beach again!

Day 4 — Team Building, Intimate & Personal

During this beach escape, we enjoyed getting to know two new team members and we started our morning TOASTING those new team members, our new clients, our fantastic current clients, the promotion of Laura to vice president, and MARTIN COMMUNICATIONS 5TH BIRTHDAY!

After 3 days in the sun, several of us were sunburnt and welcomed a day indoors to continue with unique team-building activities. We "found" ourselves by searching for assorted items hand-picked for us in large baskets on the dining room table (a modern-day “fishing” game) and discovered more about one another and who we are away from our jobs. Next we shared and posted significant events in our personal lives on a 24-foot foam-board timeline with post-it notes that coincided with the five-year history of our company. Having each other's backs and still being there for our families and clients is exactly the kind of balance we strive for. And, consequently, why we love working with each other!

We also made Dream-Boards from magazines with images of things we love, that represent who we are. We had a final team building exercise to build spaghetti structures as high as we could, to hold a fat marshmallow. However, here's a gentle reminder if you ever try this: DON'T USE ANGEL HAIR PASTA... because if you do: you'll either yell "TIMBER!" as the pasta breaks in a million pieces—or "FORE" because a giant marshmallow will be flying through the air!

After a walk on the beach and a delicious and innovative meal made with all our leftovers by Cheri, we relaxed and colored "adult" coloring pages.

Day 5 — Rest and Relaxation!

We ended our Killer Martin Communications Beach Trip by basking on the beach in the morning—collecting shells, collecting Pokemon (YES, we collected SLAM-DUNK AWESOME POKEMON on Topsail Island!)—and sitting in cozy Tommy Bahama beach chairs on the surf's edge talking about everything and nothing at all. It was BLISS.

We take our team building seriously. Check out some of our work here, and let Martin Communications help you with your next marketing project. We can give you some paddleboarding tips, too.



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